Dec 1, 1992 - July 25, 2010

I first met Killian in 2002, when she joined the 'crew' of the 'USS Seadog' in the fantasy story, SWASHBUCKLIN SWHEATIES - the very first adventure I created as a fund raiser for S'WHEAT RESCUES.

                                                     That was the beginning of a long and delightful friendship!

                                                                Below are some of the pictures she featured in.
I met Killian again in my first Cruise adventure, on the WHEATEN PRINCESS. It was a cruise to the CARIBBEAN and Killian starred as a Gypsy Fortune Teller. Here are some pictures from that Cruise.
There were four couples married in this first cruise, and Killian was the Bridesmaid.
When I began the second cruise - to HAWAII, Killian was with us again, this time as one of two 'shy girls'.

She and her companion helped a little lost (ghost) boy to overcome a witch's curse, and she found love
The third Cruise was to the MEDITERRANEAN, and Killian joined us once more - this time, as a SINGING NUN!

She met a handsome Italian Operatic Tenor, who was very keen to become her teacher and mentor.  However, if you wish to know more, you'll have to read the whole story! It is on this website, as are all the other adventures. 

As this is my tribute to Killian, I am going back over the years and 'reliving' all my own experiences with Killian.

                                                                           THE MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE
KILLIAN, the lady of many talents, joined us for the last time in the SEQUEL CRUISE. I am so glad I did this Sequel, because I wanted to see Killian have her 'Day of Fame' and find happiness.  I believe this Cruise fulfilled all those dreams, and as I also feared, due to poor health, that this might be MY last Cruise too, I really poured my heart and soul into it, and into Killian.    Killian achieves all her dreams, and mine as well. 

                                   So here now are the very special pictures from the SEQUEL CRUISE.

Killian singing the Schubert Ave Maria.
Killian singing the Vissi d'arte from TOSCA
The Love Duet from Tosca
The Proposal
The real life 'Love Duet' -  referred to in the story as 'A LIVING LOVE'
And so the curtain comes down on a wonderful, and beautiful life.  You leave us with great sadness, Killian, but you also leave us with memories that will not fade.

You were a star in my stories, and a Prima Donna, but in real life, you were the PRIMA DONNA of our hearts.

I wish you joy, and health, and peace, - and I know you are still watching over your family and will forever be only a heart-beat away.  

                                                                   KILLIAN - FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS
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