The passage across the Atlantic was so exciting for Barnaby and Lola.  The whole ship, including the Crew, spoiled them!

They carried out their 'spying' for Buddy, Budley and Eoin in their attempts to discover who was passing the forged notes.  However, it became impossible to place blame on any one person, as they now discovered that THREE people had been found to be in possession of these forgeries!  They all happened to be Stock Brokers and well acquainted with the Stock Exchange! 

After some deep investigation, Budley and Eoin informed Buddy that they had obtained some vital information from Barnaby and Lola, who had been 'listening in' on conversations, and asking what appeared to be 'innocent questions'.

It turned out that these people all had one significant contact in common.  The person concerned was a  man from the UK who had given them cash in return for information about shares on the Stock Exchange. He was a human passenger on the Wheaten Princess!  They found out his name, which was, appropriately ROBIN D RICH!

Capt Sydney wired the information through to Scotland Yard in London, and the offender would be arrested the moment he stepped ashore. He was a known forger who was wanted by the Police in the UK and in France!

In the meantime, there were three very angry tourists on board who were now out of cash.  However, they could contact their banks in the US and have more money sent to them.

Excitement grew as the coastline of England came into viewSoon, they were approaching Southampton, and there was a rush to get ashore and board the coaches that would take them to London, and to their hotel.

However, a dreadful thing happened just as the Officers from Scotland Yard were preparing to apprehend Mr Robin D Rich. He recognized the police before they could get close enough to handcuff him, and he grabbed the first tourist near him and held her at knife-point. He threatened to kill her if the police came any closer! 

That tourist happened to be poor Miss Emma M, a member of the Welsh Chorale!

There was nothing anyone could do! Buddy, Budley and Eoin quickly followed after them as the wicked man dragged Emma M with him, and got into a waiting car which quickly sped off!

The Police were in hot pursuit and so were our three sleuths!  NOBODY got away with taking a Wheaten Princesspassengeras hostage. This crook had cooked his goose and heaven help him when Buddy, Budley and Eoin caught up with him!

Captain Sydney was on the phone to Scotland Yard, complaining that one of his passengers had been taken hostage by this criminal, and that the man had escaped the police who were sent to arrest him.

He was assured that Scotland Yard was onto it, and they hoped to apprehend the man very soon. But
'very soon' wasn't soon enough for Capt Sydney! He got through to Buddy and the two private investigators, Budley and Eoin, and felt some relief knowing that they were making their own investigation, and hopefully, they would discover where Emma M had been taken.

He shook his head in disbelief as he returned his cell phone to his pocket.  What a tragedy - on HIS ship!

He could only hope and pray that Emma M was safe.

Most of the passengers and crew were unaware of what had happened, and they made their way to the waiting coaches.

Their first view of the great old city was Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. Oh, what a thrill!

They settled into their hotel, then set off in groups to get in as much sight-seeing as they could. The first delight was the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

The two pups were in their element, dancing and prancing to the music of the Band of the Grenadier Guards. (and barking at them!) Also tapping their feet were the members of the Ship's Band. Ah, everyone loves a Parade and a brass band!

"Do you think the Queen might come and talk to us"?  little Lola asked.  Keeva, who was keeping watch over the two children, shook her head.

"Afraid not, kids,"  she said sadly."She's such a busy lady, but I'm sure if she KNEW you were here, she'd come out and say hello, because she really loves little dogs, and has several of her own!".

Barnaby and Lola were impressed!

After the ceremony, they lined up at the gates of Buckingham Palace to have their photo taken by Hurley, who never went anywhere without his camera!

They admired the structure as they walked up (or was it down?) the Mall. It was an impressive sight!

However, as they drew closer, there was something odd about it. Hurley looked through his telescopic lens and nearly had a heart attack. There, right at the very top, were four VERY familiar looking figures!

He gasped, and turned to Lts Dasher, Bailey B and Tucker who were with him.

"How in blazes did THEY get up THERE?"  His voice had gone into a nervous falsetto!

He passed his telescopic lens to the others so they could see for themselves. More shocked exclamations came from the other Officers.

Up above the row of Royal Navy White Ensigns, actually WAVING  to everyone below, were Cody, Finnegan, Boomer and Nico!

Dasher told the others that they had to get those naughty boys down - and FAST! 
It would be only a matter of time before the police were there to bring them down and put them under arrest!

Bailey B, who was more athletic and agile, elected to climb up and get the four cheeky offenders down, hopefully before anyone reported them.  Off he went, and was soon scaling the huge building.

Dasher and Tucker watched with bated breath, along with the four 'flirty girls' - who didn't realize the danger and were giggling at their heroes. (No doubt the boys did it to show off to them!)

As the passengers and crew will be seeing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, here is some background information on the Ceremony.

The men you see in front of Buckingham Palace (and other locations) are not just ceremonial guards but also serving Soldiers. While upholding the traditions of the past, they also perform duties throughout the world as professional soldiers and are known as some of the most elite and skilled soldiers in the British Army.

The Household Division is made up of seven Regiments.

These comprise:
The Household Cavalry Regiment
The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals; and the five regiments of foot:
The Grenadier Guards
The Coldstream Guards
The Scots Guards
The Irish Guards
The Welsh Guards

The responsibility of guarding the Sovereign by the Household Troops (as they were known at the time) dates back to the time of Henry VII (1485-1509).

These are some of the best soldiers in the British Army and have fought in virtually every major area of conflict with great distinctionsince the 17th Century. They also take an active role in protecting their Sovereign; at night they patrol the grounds of both Buckingham Palace and St. James's Palace.

The next on the agenda was the Admiralty Arch. This was a magnificent landmark, and the four Cheeky Lads wasted no time in heading for it, followed closely by the four 'Flirty Girls'!

Hurley and three other officers, Dasher, Bailey B and Tucker followed some distance behind, stopping along the way to chat with other tourists.
Bailey B got those cheeky lads down just in the nick of time! Another five minutes and the'd have been 'nicked'! (Nico would have learned a new use of the word!  It is a British term for being caught and arrested) 

However, their efforts had not gone unnoticed by the girls, who now regarded them with undisguised admiration! The boys invited the girls to accompany them to Westminster Abbey. They went off together, and Hurley hoped they wouldn't get up to mischief in the famous Abbey! 

He shuddered as his imagination pictured them in the Bell Tower, swinging from the bells!

Many of the group carried on to Horse Guards. The Household Cavalry were such a tourist attraction with their helmets and plumes and beautiful horses.

The Historians, Griffin, Stella, Felix, Kelly, Murphy and Sadie, were taking a close look at a mounted Guard, and there appeared to be some favouritism going on  -  by the horse - ??
In another part of Horse Guards, something interesting was going on regarding Captain Sydney and Lt Kelsie G - so it appeared!!
Meanwhile, our three Sleuths were hot on the trail of the man who had taken poor Emma M as a hostage.  They followed his car in a London taxi, then told the driver to stop when they saw the criminal get out, grab Emma by the scruff of her neck, and drag her through the back streets to a broken-down pub. 

Eoin paid the driver and gave him a generous tip, while the others were discussing what to do next.

"What are we going to do now?"  Budley asked.

"We notify the Police for back-up.  We don't know how many others might be involved in this. Best to have Scotland Yard in on it too!"  was Buddy's response.

So they moved away from the building and Buddy called Scotland Yard on his cell phone. Then they waited.


Inside the building, Emma M was surveying her surroundings, looking for an escape route.  There were none. She appeared to be tied up in an old cellar, and it was cold in there.

She looked around dismally and gave a shiver. What a thing to happen before she even had a chance to set foot in London, let alone see the sights or go shopping!

She wondered if anyone had managed to follow them.  What was going to happen to her?  Now that the man had escaped the Police, why didn't he let her go?  What harm could she possibly do? What did he have to lose in setting her free? - except - that she could identify him!

She slumped down and made a little whimper. Oh, PLEASE, let someone come and rescue her soon!


Unknown to Emma, the Police were on their way, and soon they were discussing with Buddy, Eoin and Budley, the best plan for apprehending the criminal before he could harm his little hostage.

The Police found a back entrance, and they decided to enter there. There were also a couple of windows that could provide entry. As the dogs were good at sniffing out scents, it was decided to send them in first. They could locate the position of the criminal and any others that might be inside the building. 

Eoin climbed through the nearby window, and then beckoned to Buddy and Budley that the coast was clear. They all moved slowly to the door, sniffing for human scent.  All was clear, so they opened it and let the policemen in. 

As they approached a staircase they heard Emma whimpering. She was locked in the cellar downstairs. But they could not go to her just yet. They had to get that man out of the way first.

The three dogs went ahead, sniffing the air. YES!  In the next room there was human scent. The rest of the building was clear.

The Police gestured for the dogs to stay back and they broke down the door and burst inside, yelling for the man to get flat on the floor with his arms outstretched as they searched him.

It all happened so quickly that Mr Robin D Rich didn't know what hit him!

He made an aggressive gesture at the dogs, and the vicious snarls he received in return made him feel quite unsafe. 

"Get them dogs out of the way, will ya?"  he shouted. But the Policeman cuffing him shook his head.

"Not a chance, Sunshine!"  he retorted in a strong Cockney accent. "I should let them 'ave ya, after what ya did to their friend!"

No more was said. Buddy, Budley and Eoin noted the machinery that had been used to make the counterfeit notes.  It was being carefully removed by a few hefty Policemen.

Now they could go to Emma.

When she saw them come running down the stairs, she burst into relieved tears.

"Oh, YOU'VE COME!"  she cried, and fell gratefully into their outstretched arms.

Her bonds were removed and she sat for a while, gathering her composure and squeezing their paws happily.

They told her how they had found her, and assured her that she was now safe, and the bad man was on his way to prison.

As soon as she felt steady and had stopped shaking, they escorted her back to where her friends were anxiously awaiting her return.

All is well that ends well!
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