Part Two
The day before they were due to arrive at New York, there was a storm, but the sea remained rough for only a couple of hours, then, the skies cleared and there was calm once more.

However, there was one rather beautiful and unique phenomenon that appeared after the storm had passed. A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, and even as they looked at it, it seemed to become deeper, clearer, and it appeared to be coming closer.

Everyone came out to watch it, except Katie S, Mackenzie Jane, Morgan and Shana.  Where were they? Well, they were in the Ship's Casino, on a
winning streak!

MacKenzie just couldn't resist the 'pokies', and had persuaded the others to join her. Once they realized that the coins were dropping in large amounts, and regularly, there was no tearing them away.

After about 45 minutes, they decided to quit while they were ahead - and - WELL ahead!

​​Morgan was the richest, with a shopping bag full of coins coming to a neat total of $370. Close behind her was MacKenzie with over $300, while Shana and Katie S had scored a tidy $200 each. What a day's takings!

MacKenzie tapped Morgan on the shoulder and exclaimed excitedly, "Don't you remember? At the start of the Cruise, Havisham told us we were coming into money. THIS must be what he saw in his crystal ball for us!"

"You're RIGHT!"
  Shana gasped.

Katie S was nodding her head enthusiastically. "I remember now. He's really GOOD at this fortune telling. His predictions have been spot on every time!"

  Shana giggled as she counted her winnings. "He knew how to find the thugs that beat up that poor man, AND he told Brady to wear green for the race because it was lucky, and he and Griffin won their heat."

They exchanged their coins for notes and trotted happily out on deck to see what all the excitement was about out there. EVERYONE  had gathered on the Port side of the ship, and they were all staring at the sky.

The sky certainly looked odd after that brief storm. There were strange clouds forming now, around the foot of the rainbow.

​​WHAT WAS GOING ON?!Were they about to be 'beamed up' by space ships or something!!!!!!!!

It felt spooky, somehow, and Lexi, from the Band, was singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'to a gentle accompaniament by Chaps, Barklee and Charlie who had gone to get their instruments for this occasion - whatever the mysterious 'occasion' was!

Suddenly it became evident that something was happening. Forms began to appear in the clouds, and an angelic voice could be heard singing in the distance. As it drew nearer the divine voice continued, and Shadow recognized the language as German, and the voice was singing about Rest, and Peace.

He translated as the voice sang, "You are my rest, my calm, my peace...."  

How beautiful!  But Shadow had recognized not only the song, but also - the singer.

With one soft intake of breath he uttered one name -  -  "KILLIAN"​
Everyone was stunned into breathtaking silence as they listened to a familiar voice from the Heavens. Then they saw her, and behind her a little procession of several others.

​​As the figures emerged from the pink clouds, most of the onlookers recognized them as companions they had known from earlier Cruises on the Wheaten Princess; friends who had made a last voyage to the Rainbow Bridge.

​​Cody caught a sob in his throat as he saw
Abby Salmons  approaching him with a happy smile. Then came Murphy and Keeleigh Miller, Henry and Tipper Plumb, dear Sister Ella Pongratz, Maddie, the Aussie girl who had been with them on the Hawaii Cruise, and of course, Killian Topaz. There was another, too, whom they did not recognize, walking with Killian.

They floated down onto the deck, and ​​Killian and Abby gathered them together. Killian continued to sing softly in the background, while Abby spoke to those who were struck dumb by this mystical experience.

Tears flowed as old friends embraced. Their old, lost friends - returned once more.

Abby explained that they had been granted permission to rejoin their friends for the last hours of this final Cruise.​​​​  It was fitting that they should be reunited for this historic moment.

She then asked where Lola and Barnaby were.  She had a message for them.

Kelsie G​ stopped staring in astonishment, and said she would take Abby immediately to find them. They were probably in the Children's Play Room.

Shadow hugged Killian, and with Captain Sydney and Chaps, they went to the music room to discuss Killian's plans for the evening prior to their arrival in New York.

 The sound of Killian's singing continued to ring in the minds of all who had, this afternoon, heard the voice of an angel.

Barnaby and Lola had been playing table tennis when they were approached by Lt Kelsie G, and a new lady they'd not met before. Kelsie told them it was Lt Abby, and that she had a special message for them.

The children looked up with inquisitive interest. A message?  

"It's a surprise, kids," Abby laughed. "Just come with me to your cabin, and you'll see ....!"

That got them hooked. They LOVED 'surprise' games, so they skipped off with Abby to their cabin. Barnaby stopped outside the door and said with grown-up authority, "THIS is OUR cabin - and to come in, you gotta guess the password!"

Abby laughed out loud. "You are PRICELESS!"  she exclaimed. 

"THAT'S the password!"  Barnaby shouted in his deepest voice - "You GUESSED IT!   C'mon in?"

But Abby shook her head and wrinkled her nose at them. "No, not this time, kids. This surprise is for you, and it's all yours to share alone. Off you go now, and I'll catch you later, OK?"

Little Lola nodded excitedly, then, impulsively ran over and gave Abby a big kiss. Abby's gentle heart melted.

She turned as Barnaby opened the door, and they both went inside. A big tear rolled down her cheek as she heard the emotional cries of sheer JOY ringing out from inside the cabin.

She wiped it away and met up with Kelsie G, and together they headed for the Music room.


​​​Abby and Killian had found her, and brought her with them to see her puppies, and to be able to put their little hearts at rest regarding what had happened to her. They would feel at peace now, seeing for themselves that she was now well and happy, and so proud of them both.

She hugged them to her and marvelled at how much they had grown. She told them that she'd been watching over them from the Rainbow Bridge​​, and was so happy that they had found Keeva and Buddy, who would care for them and give them a good home.

No, she could not stay with them. She had to return to the Rainbow Bridge after tonight, but she would be with them forever in spirit, and they with her, in her heart.​​ She would only be a breath away.

No, she was no longer in pain, and she was lifted into the loving arms of Wheaten Angels when that terrible blow came. She was taken to the Rainbow Bridge, where she was cared for by loving Rescuers who came in spirit to care for animals who have been mistreated, or have not known the love of a human.​​

​​No. She was never frightened, and she was in a beautiful, heavenly place, where all dogs go when their earthly lives are over. It is a place of beauty, and of love, so they needn't fear for her anymore.

They talked for what seemed hours. Day had turned into night and after a quick meal, the children dressed in their best clothes and watched their Mommy transform into a beautifully dressed princess - ready for the big party!

Taking them by their little paws, she escorted them to the main lounge where the entertainment was just beginning. The Band was playing 'REUNITED' - and cleverly, Lexi had written new words for it which suited this special occasion. The band and the SOUNDS SENSATIONAL  were singing it now, and the new words were being shown on a screen by an overhead projector, so everyone could 'sing along'.

The children piped in with their sweet voices, and Keeva and Buddy joined them, greeting Barnaby and Lola's mother with warm hugs.​​​​

The lounge was brightly decorated, and it was a festive atmosphere.​​

Here are the new words to the song everyone was singing:​​

We were so lucky to go on this ride -
Such lucky Wheatens we are side by side.
The adventures we had,
Wheaten friends we are glad -
We realize we need each other - thats not so bad, hey hey!

We are so grateful 'cause we had it all,
Oh, so much fun, we really had a ball.
We always will be
Our tails wagging with glee,
Wheaten whirls for boys and girls - thats all we see, hey hey

Reunited and it feels so good!
Reunited and its understood,
There's one perfect cruise,
This is the one that we choose,
We're all so excited
Cause we're reunited, hey hey!


Back in the children's cabin, Barnaby and Lola had just received the greatest, and most wonderful surprise of their lives. Waiting for them, stretched out comfortably on their bed, was the reason for their delighted screams -


Several couples got up to dance to the music, including Keeva and Buddy.  Barnaby and Lola just wanted to sit with Mommy. There would be plenty of other times for dancing, but right now, they wanted to spend every precious second with her.
Captain Sydney, Lt Kelsie G and Abby were greeting people as they arrived.(Abby was thoroughly enjoying her old role again!)  Hurley was busy at his job of taking photographs of everyone.

Killian and the other guests from the Rainbow Bridge were taking great delight in becoming 'reunited' with  crew members they knew. It was just like old times!

When they arrived for the party, they were given a round of loud applause as they entered the room.
Author's note:  If you do not know the story about the pups, please go back to Chapter 1 -"PUPPY PLANS" where you will read all about it.

Tipper and Henry Plumb were late arriving, as they were caught up with Stella Plumb - and there was HEAPS of news to catch up on! 

Keeva and Buddy joined with Barnaby and Lola and their mother, and they posed together for Hurley, who was having a busy time snapping away with his camera.
Scooch, Barklee, Eoin and Annie were discussing future plans, but the other two couples were discussing money!Well, I guess that falls into their  future plans!
Those members of the crew who had joined the party in civilian clothes were asked to change back into uniforms for one SPECIAL picture of them all together.

As Hurley was  also a member of the crew, he asked one of the passengers to take the picture for him. WOW!  Did HE  look cool in his uniform!
The cheeky lads had asked Hurley to take their pictures with their girls, and one of them even had an important announcement to make! It seems that Miss MacKenzie finally won the heart of Cody, or was it the other way around?!

Certainly the air of peace and joy had filled the hearts and minds of everyone on board.
The final group to pose for Hurley was a mixed lot! Some were dating couples, but others had missed out earlier and wanted to make sure they got into one of the special photographs.  After all, this was a 'never-to-be-repeated' occasion!

The three Ballerinas were with their escorts, and some seemed to be quite serious, especially Darcy and Murphy!