The VISSI D'ARTE, from Puccini's TOSCA
Sister Killian had always loved to sing -  even as a child. Unfortunately her parents were poor and could not afford for her to be given voice lessons, but she satisfied her passion for music by pouring her heart and soul into the Gregorian plain chant that the nuns at her school sang so beautifully in chapel.

When she was 21 she entered the Convent, and it wasn't until she accompanied Sister Ella on the Mediterranean Cruise to Rome and other places that she met her first spiritual and emotional challenge. That challenge came in the handsome form and golden voice of Enrico Tuckerotti.

Killian was blessed with a rare talent. She sang 'like the angels' - and as she was singing for joy one day on deck, she was overheard by the great tenor, and from that moment onwards he wanted to become her teacher and mentor.

He was keen to hear more, so one evening she sang for him. That set him on his mission to train her voice so that its beauty could be heard by the world.

This is the picture that was taken of her on that evening.

 When the Cruise ended, she promised Tuckerotti that she would give serious consideration to his kind offer. 

After much soul searching, she reached her decision, and it was not a decision which was made lightly.

Killian was keenly aware that she had been given a rare gift, and she believed that it was her duty to develop that gift to its highest potential, and not to bury it or deny it.

So she sent a message to Tuckerotti, informing him of her decision to leave the Convent and accept his offer.
He met her a month later at the airport, and her months of hard work began. It was not an easy journey, but she knew it was the right one.

Day in and day out she practiced nothing but scales and exercises, and often longed for the peace and quiet of the cloisters, but Tuckerotti did not drive her beyond her limits. In fact, he was beginning to fear that he loved her. Oh, what a complication THAT would be!  He'd certainly never counted on anything like that ever happening to him!

Soon she had advanced to singing Lieder and Art Songs, then finally Operatic Arias.  Her voice became even more beautiful - (if that was possible!) and Tuckerotti knew she was ready.

He told her that she would be going with him to Venice, where he had announced that she would be his leading lady in the Puccini Opera, TOSCA - as he had always dreamed. 

In rehearsals, she had sung the Vissi D'Arte with such perfection that tears came to his eyes.

Killian was too excited to have any apprehension about her debut. She discussed it with great delight when she, Brady and Tuckerotti were enjoying dinner one evening after rehearsals. 

It was then that she learned of their approaching short trip to Marseille to hear Shadow in his Concert Recital there. How thrilling that would be, to see dear Shadow again, and so many of the friends she made on the Mediterranean Cruise who were also going to listen to him.


As the Wheaten Princess was still on its way across the Atlantic, it would be a little while before they would need to leave for Marseille, and Killian and Tuckerotti had much work to do in rehearsals. 

However, Killian attacked the task with renewed inspiration, and was even more enthused at the knowledge that so many of her friends were making the trip especially to hear her sing, and to hear Shadow's Recital. Only some were unable to accept her invitation due to previous engagements which could not be put aside. But everyone had sent her their good wishes. 

                                               She went about her work with a grateful and joyful heart!


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