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Meanwhile,Tuckerotti and Brady were enjoying a drink in their hotel unit, and it was obvious to Brady, his long time Manager and friend, that he was deeply troubled about something.

He decided to confront him with it. Problems were better out in the open and dealt with.  He got out a cigar and began:
Tuckerotti's Dilemma
"I've noticed for some days, Tucker, that you have something on your mind. Don't you think we should give it some air and bash it around a bit?"

Tuckerotti gave his friend a sad look and, after a pause, in which he no doubt made up his mind to get it off his chest, he began to tell, in faltering words, how he was falling in love with Killian and frankly, he didn't know what to do about it. He was losing sleep over this and if he didn't reach a decision soon, it would begin to affect his vocal abilities.
"You can't tell her, you know," Brady said gently. "Not yet anyway. It could have a negative result for you, and for her in her debut performance."

"That's what I am afraid of," said Tuckerotti sadly. "I don't want to make her feel insecure, or make her feel she's been taken advantage of."

"Exactly!" was Brady's reply as he lit his cigar, and Tuckerotti gave a stifled cough in protest. He put it out and satisfied himself with simply holding it between his teeth.

"You have to remember that she's been a nun and lived a sheltered life. Such an admission could scare her right away, and you don't want that, do you?" 

He bit on the end of the cigar and gave a contented little purr - like a baby with a comforter, Tuckerotti thought with a wry smile. Then he nodded in agreement.

"You're quite right of course. I'll not say anything until we are on the Wheaten Princess, on our way back to New York to do Tosca there."  A grin crossed his face and he added, "Hopefully she won't leap off the ship when she knows!"

Brady was glad to see that his friend had not lost his sense of humour in his heartache!

So Tuckerotti finished his drink, rose to his feet, and bravely went to the piano to practice his most challenging aria.

Killian was very excited because one of her new friends with the Opera Company was being married, and she had asked Killian to sing at her Wedding.

They discussed various choices of appropriate music for the occasion, and it was her friend's wish that she sing the Ave Maria by Franz Schubert - in the German language, as the young lady was from Munich.

Killian was only too happy to oblige, as this version of the Ave Maria was her own personal favourite.

On the day of the Wedding, Killian felt a strangeness she'd not known before and she couldn't quite figure out what it meant. She felt a warm glow, almost as if she might be the bride herself! How odd! 

There were little flutters around her heart (which she put down to the rich breakfast she'd eaten that morning), and she felt a little emotional - perhaps even - romantic?!  She laughed as she imagined what her dear friend, Sister Ella, would say to that! She had always felt that Killian was far too sentimental. But music DID have that effect on Killian, as it did on most musicians, and after all, this WAS a romantic occasion!  Her friend was being married and it was her big day, and Killian was going to sing the Schubert Ave Maria for her as she'd never sung it before.

Her friend's BIG DAY arrived, and after the couple had made their vows and had retired to the Vestry to sign the Register, Killian took her place in front of the Grand Piano and sang so beautifully, that everyone was hushed and captured completely with every word and every exquisite note.
It was without a doubt the most beautiful rendition of the Schubert Ave Maria that anyone had ever heard. What a future this brilliant young singer had before her!
 I do not know the name of the singer in this recording. It is from a free download site and was unnamed. If I did know, I'd most certainly buy her CD, and I'd recommend it to everyone. She has the most beautiful voice and her interpretation of this music is second to none, as is her perfect technique. I hope you will enjoy listening to this lady's Art as much as I do. So turn up your speakers to hear this Diva.