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Killian was sitting in her hotel living room listening to a CD that Shadow had sent her of his George Gershwin music, when there was an urgent knock at the door.

She ran to open it, and Tuckerotti and Brady were standing there, looking as if they'd just seen a ghost!

"What's up?" she asked nervously - fearing bad news.

They walked inside and sat down. Brady, who always made himself comfortable, stretched out on the sofa. He cleared his throat, then broke the news about what had happened on the Wheaten Princess. It was all over the news, but Killian had obviously not been reading the newspapers or listening to the radio.

He quietly told her the story of how the Wheaten Princess and her passengers and crew had been the intended victims of a terrorist plot.

"There was this brave Military Officer, Lt Colonel Murphy V," continued Brady, "who disarmed the bomb, but before that, it was those great guys from the FBI and the French-Canadian detective and his British companion who apprehended the  terrorists, and apparently they were assisted to a large degree by a New York Reporter!  It's all in this article in the paper."  He handed the news article to Killian so that she could read it for herself.

Killian was stunned. Her pretty face was troubled as she thought of her little sister, Katie S, and her dear friend, Sister Ella who were on board, on their way to hear her sing in Tosca. She suddenly burst into tears,  letting the paper fall to the floor.

 Tuckerotti ran to her side to comfort her. "Cara Mia," he said with great tenderness, "the danger was averted. No one was hurt, and everyone is safe and soon to arrive in Marseille! All is well."

He gently placed his paw on her golden head and soothed her as one might soothe a child. At last she blinked away the tears and smiled up at his gentle brown eyes. Oh, she thought, what a kind man he is!

When they were sure she was settled, they left her and returned to their own room to pack. They were due at the airport in the morning!
Killian sat for a moment longer, and turned Shadow's beautiful music back on. Somehow, the track that was playing -'The Man I Love' - seemed to tug at her heart in a strange way.  It made her remember the way Tuckerotti had so tenderly comforted her, and how much that had stirred, and yet calmed her heart.

Breathing a sigh, she rose and went into her bedroom to pack. Tomorrow was a big day!
The next day they were on their way. They would  be flying to Paris first, as Tuckerotti had business there. They knew that the passengers on the Wheaten Princess were going there also. Then they would return together, to hear Shadow's Concert Recital in Marseille.

They arrived at the airport in plenty of time and, after checking their luggage, they relaxed in the departure lounge. It wouldn't be long now before Killian was reunited with dear Katie S and Sister Ella, Shadow, and all her friends. She couldn't wait to see them all again!
Soon the call came for all passengers to Paris to board the jet. Killian, Tuckerotti and Brady would soon be reunited with all their friends.