Captain - Guiness Taylor 

Entertainment Director - Abby Salmons 

Ship's Doctor - Charlie Plumb 

Ship's Nurse - Scooch Vigeant 

Lifeguard - Jimmy Abrams 

Bar Attendant - Cody Salmons 

Gypsy Fortune Teller - Stella Plumb 

Ship's Band - 
             Shadow Vigeant
              Kramer Davis
             Sadie Donnan
             Finnegan Boleng

Singing Group
              Bristol Taylor
              Punky Singer
              Reese Donnan
              Nicky Acakios

Detective - Griffin Glenn 

Retired Major - Sydney Glenn 

Regal Lady - Queenie Taylor 

Italian Operatic Tenor - Tucker Davis 

His Manager - Brady Davis 

Beauty Pageant Finalists 

MISS USA - Morgan Davis 

MISS CANADA- Keeva Miller 

MISS MEXICO - Nelly Kaessler 


MISS UK - Jynx Dixon 

MISS IRELAND - Snickerdoodle Pishal 

Egyptologist - Boomer De La Rosa 

Associate Archaeologist - Kelsie De La Rosa 

Con Artist - Harry Mouradi 

Con Artist's Accomplice - Jethro Holderman 

Swimming Championship Contestants 

Rudy Austin 
Murphy Miller
Finnegan Pishal
Riley Ashner
Reilly Castle
Bailey Beachboy Wilson
Bella Beachbunny Wilson
Shana Ghents
Sweetie Daugherty
Maeve Daugherty

Swimming Judges
           Boogie Vigeant
           Mia Pishal

Dizzy Blondes
           Tess Austin
           Lexi Von Lavallade

Ancient History Students 

Finnegan Bailey
Buttercup Harvey
Kansas Taylor
Tobey Selig
Oscar Holba
Cassie Ennis
Clancy Ennis
Duffy Byrnes
Keeleigh Miller

Singing Nun - Killian Topaz 

Funny Nun - Ella Pongratz 

New York Banker - Seamus Pongratz 

Art Dealer - Bailey Burke 

FBI Agent - Dasher Topaz 
I wish to express my gratitude to those members of the S'WheatRescues Group who submitted pictures of their dogs  for me to use in this adventure.

I also wish to thank those wonderful ladies who sent me pictures of the places visited on this Cruise. Without them, I could not have made a success of this project, and the photographs they provided brought great beauty to this Mediterranean Cruise.

My special thanks to Judy G, Iris S and Tina H.


This Cruise adventure is dedicated to two dear Wheatens who have journeyed with us in this, and previous Cruise stories, and who have now made their final journey to the RAINBOW BRIDGE

                                                                            MURPHY MILLER and SYDNEY GLENN.  
                                                                                            Forever in our hearts.
  We are told that if we wish upon a star, we can enter into a magical fantasy land where everything has a 'happy ever after' ending. So let us go there now and embark with 59 cute dogs on THE WHEATEN PRINCESS - sailing now for Italy, Greece and Egypt.

                                                          BON VOYAGE!
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