On arrival at Stratford Upon Avon, their first stop was at the birthplace of William Shakespeare.  This was of great interest to just about everyone. They had all learned about Shakespeare at school and some had even acted in amateur productions of his plays.  This became evident from all the quotes flying about - some of which were very apt to the occasion!

Only Brandy G seemed unimpressed, but then, perhaps that was the only quote she was familiar with! And goodness only knows why MacKenzie Jane wanted a horse!
 Another small group headed into the town, and Hurley suggested that they pose beneath a statue of Shakespeare so that he could take a picture of them. He told them to 'smile' and to say 'cheese' but Tater had different ideas.

The Cheeky Lads got up to their usual tricks and climbed the monument - assuming a more striking pose for the camera. (And quoting Shakespeare!)
That afternoon some went so see a matinee performance of a Shakespearian Play.  Keeva took the children, as she believed it would be educational for them and introduce them to some classical culture.

The children weren't the only ones getting some education in the Fine Arts!
That evening, the Senior Officers from the Wheaten Princess, (Captain Sydney, Lt Kelsie G, Dr Boogie, Nurse Kelsie D and Lt Tucker, the Purser) were invited by Winston and Shadow to attend Dinner at Winston's Manor House. 

They dressed for this important occasion and,
 with great anticipation, took a taxi to WINSTONIAN MANOR!

They were met by Winston and Shadow, along with Winston's cousins, Miss Colleen, Mr Liam and Miss Caelan.

Oh, what a 'grande' house this was!  Winston said it had been in his family since the Tudors.  (Kelsie D whispered to Boogie, that Winston must be rolling in money!)
The two Kelsies covered gasps of awe as they sat down to Dinner. The room was lit with candles and there were actually stained glass windows! It was fit for a King!
It was their last night in Stratford Upon Avon and Hannah invited some of the girls to have a nightcap in her room before retiring.

However, one of the party present was definitely not a girl!  

Had Eoin gatecrashed the gathering, or had Hannah secretly invited him? Hmmm.
Morning broke with blue skies and sunshine - just perfect for their journey into Shropshire.

Their first stop was at a delightful forest where they strolled casually along a country path, surrounded by trees that rose from a carpet of voilet wild flowers. It was breath-takingly lovely!
Finnegan                     Nico                           Cody         Boomer
The four Cheeky Lads and the Flirty Girls were exploring another part of the forest where there was a rippling stream. Of course, the Cheeky Lads had to show off again! 

Lexi was sampling the fresh spring water, and keeping an eye on what the others were up to - especially Jake and Luke, who seemed to be finding the going rather rough!.

In quite a different park, Keeva and the children had discovered what little Lola said was an 'Enchanted Forest'. Someone had carved statues of tall bears out of tree trunks, and the children were delighted.  They ran around the statues, making excited little squeals.

They noted that three of the bears copied the three wise monkeys - who 'see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil', but it was also evident that the 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' was indicated by some of the carvings

The three ballerinas were impressed, and felt inspired to dance around the statues! They weren't the only ones. It seemed that the mood was contagious! Jimmy, the Matador, had his own opinion of the spectacle.
They all agreed that Shropshire was a beautiful County, and just before returning to their hotel for dinner, a few of our friends visited a florist. Some just wanted to look at the beautiful floral arrangements, but there were some boys who actually ordered bouquets to be delivered to the hotel.

Well, I wonder whom they had in mind?
That evening the mystery of the bouquets was solved. A delivery van arrived at the hotel with three beautiful surprises for three little girls.  

The cards were addressed to Miss Darcy, from Mr Murphy;  Miss Lexi, from Mr Chaps;  and Miss Molly, from  Mr Felix.


After a restful night they were off once more, and driving through the most beautiful countryside on their way to NORTH WALES!
Author's note:  You can find these wonderful sculptures, the work of Dave Bytheway, in the grounds of the Longmynd Hotel, Church Stretton, Shropshire.