One of my greatest passions is the right of animals to be treated with respect.  The right to live without being abused and mistreated by humans.

                       YES! I was, and always will be an activist on their behalf.​​

                                     This​​ page is about transported animals.

​​My mission began a long time ago, back in 1977 when I was a member of Animal Liberation QLD and the Transported Animals' Protection Society. I began writing, and singing songs about animals who were being mistreated during and after being transported for slaughter.

At​​ that time, it was mainly cattle being transported by train and road transports that we were demonstrating about, so I took the tune of the song "500 Miles" and put appropriate words to it.  I then wrote a song of my own about the little calves who were packed in among the mature cattle, often being crushed to death during the journey. I wrote a cheerful waltz tune, which emphasized the tragedy of the lyrics, and called it the 'Little Calf's Song'.

The first song - THE DEATH TRAIN, was recorded at the recording studio of the Qld Conservatorium of Music - as a gift to our purpose. I sang both songs from the very depths of my heart.

Today,​​​ it is a much wider and larger protest against cattle and sheep being abused in the most inhuman ways by the people handling them in other countries. And though my songs were written and sung more than 34 years ago, the meaning remains the same. 

Here, I have shown pictures of the cruelty - hard to look at, yes, but it is much harder​​ for the poor animals who are experiencing these atrocities, and they cannot speak for themselves. It is up to US to be their voices! It is OUR responsibility, as members of the Human species, to speak for THEM! Only we can stop this. They can't!

So please bear with me a little while. Listen to the song​s​; look at the pictures just once - and remember that the creatures you are looking upon are our sisters and brothers.

We come from the same Divine Source!

​​I thank you for your compassion.

Bless you all.​​
Music Copyright A Plowes August 2013