The babies thought their world had come to an end. 

Here, their worst fears had become reality!  Their wonderful, exciting evening had come to an abrupt and terrible end.  In front of them stood a big policemen, demanding to see their passports!  

Oh, what was to become of them now!

Lola's wailing had alerted the Welsh Chorale who had cabins nearby, and soon the cabin door was flung open and an angry Keeva burst in upon them, followed by the other Choristers.

"WHAT are you doing to those little children?!"   she demanded in tones so severe that  Buddy actually shuddered!

After recovering his composure, Buddy replied apologetically, "I was told to search for Stowaways, and these kids don't have an adult with them, so I asked them for their passports and, of course, they don't have any!"

Keeva fixed him with a stare that would have frozen the Equator, and her reply was not what Buddy expected to hear.

"WELL,"  she emphasized, "they ARE with an adult. In fact, with TWELVE adults!"   She gestured to the other members of the Chorale who immediately gathered around her supportively, and Keeva stepped forward and took the two puppies into her generous embrace.

Poor Buddy didn't know what to do!  He was only following orders.

Barnaby and Lola cuddled into Keeva, and the other members of the choir moved in closer to form a protective circle around the two babies, who had now stopped crying.

Then the door opened again and Lt Kelsie D - the Ship's Nurse, entered with Captain Sydney. (It was a pretty tight squeeze!)

Slowly, and sadly, Barnaby told their story to all present, and Keeva added her own observations.

As the whole tragic and terrible story unfolded, Buddy had tears in his eyes, and Kelsie D fell to her knees to examine the two little orphans. It was clear that they had suffered great abuse. She wanted to be sure they were not ill. Certainly they looked very thin and had not eaten well for several days.
This was the terrible story they told.

They had been born in a Puppy Mill. Their Mother had been their only friend.  She, poor soul, had been in that torture place for several years and had been forced to have pups twice a year all her life.

When Barnaby and Lola were born, they were the only two to survive out of a litter of 8 pups.

Their Mother gave all she had to them.  She was their only source of love in a cruel world.

They never saw the light of day. They never felt their little feet on grass, but only the wire floor of their much too small cage.  No hand ever reached out in gentleness or love to touch them, but only in roughness and to inflict pain. No voice ever spoke to them with tenderness, and to make all this worse, their Mom was obviously ill.

One day, the man who came to feed them noticed that their Mom could not stand. As the babies watched in horror, he grabbed their Mommy around the neck and dragged her from the cage as she cried in pain and fear.

She made one last attempt to look back at them as she was carted away. Her eyes told them to be brave, and that she loved them.

However, the man had neglected to lock the cage in his effort to get their Mother out, and Barnaby snatched the opportunity to escape.  He pushed Lola from the cage and they fell to the floor together.  They followed at a safe distance to see where the man was taking their Mommy. What they witnessed next was too terrible for any young eyes to see.  It had taken Keeva some time to get it out of Barnaby, but eventually he screamed it to the heavens.


The rest of the story told how they kept on running; that horrific picture replaying over and over in their minds. They ran from the Puppy Mill.  They ran from the horror.  They ran from the memory.  They kept on running until they came to the wharf where a truck was taking goods to a big Cruise ship. 

The rest we know.
Every eye in that cabin was wet with tears, and every heart was breaking for Barnaby and Lola. 

After a stunned silence, Captain Sydney stepped forward and gently stroked the two little pups.

"You can stay with us, children. I'll see that you are cared for and have a place at the Dining Room to eat, and as Keeva and the Welsh Choristers have asked to be able to keep you with them, you shall stay with them.
You will NEVER be hurt again. You will NEVER return to such a torture prison. I promise you!"

With that, everyone bent over and kissed them tenderly. Barnaby and Lola felt love again, and only wished their Mommy could have known that love too.  Perhaps now she was experiencing it through them!

Keeva found them some warm pyjamas, and tucked them into their bed.  Then the whole Choir gathered around them, and sang to them a lovely Welsh lullaby.

                        With little sighs of contentment, they closed their eyes, and went to sleep.


What you have read here about Puppy Mills is unfortunately the truth. 

To learn more about these atrocities committed against innocent, helpless animals for the purpose of making money, please click on the link below:

The next day, and the days to follow before they reached Southampton, were so full of joy and excitement for little Barnaby and Lola.

They got to be shown over the ship, and even to the Bridge. They dined at the Captain's Table and enjoyed all the wonderful meals and treats which were beyond their wildest dreams.

Keeva and the Choristers treated them as if they were their own family, and Buddy, the Ship's detective who first confronted them, became one of their firmest friends. It was he who gave them a tour of the ship and introduced them to all the officers and staff. He was like a 'big brother' to them, and they came to love him.

He even told them about his search for people passing forged notes, and Barnaby said he would help him in his investigations, and the two kids had fun being amateur 'sleuths'! It was simple for children to poke their noses in, and snoop on what adults were doing because most people took little notice of kids. They knew these people were humans, not dogs, and that made their job of 'sleuthing' so much easier.  What human would ever suspect two little pups?!

And so the Wheaten Princess sailed on to Southampton. The passage across the Atlantic was calm and everyone was looking forward eagerly to going ashore.

Next stop - LONDON!
Here is a quote from the Rescue link above, which describes the situation exactly.

When these Wheatens come into Rescue they are in deplorable physical condition: parasite- ridden, underweight, bred nearly to death. Most have rarely, if ever, been out of their small, cramped cages. They have never felt grass under their feet or even been able to make an independent decision on what direction to move on their own. To put one of these Wheatens down on the ground for the first time and see the look of total confusion on their faces is very sad. Most just stand there with no idea what to do. They may have eye infections, missing orbs or vision impairment caused by ammonia from urine-soaked quarters. Some have torn, deformed ears and tongues and missing limbs from cage aggression or from becoming frozen in the cold or sticking to metal surfaces in their unheated quarters.

Females may have hernias or prolapsed uterus's from painful, extended labor. Their toes may be splayed from walking on wire floors. Almost all suffer from chronic, painful ear infections, some to the point of having lost their hearing. Many have tattooed ears or thighs. Some have numbers hung around their necks on chains or ropes that have grown into their flesh. Their dental state is invariably horrible; most will have painful, infected teeth and gums, some resulting in systemic infections. Most will lose many if not the majority of their teeth during dental surgery.

These poor Wheatens have endured years of torture to make money for uncaring humans; they are the tortured and abused mothers and fathers to all those cute puppies that are bought every year in petstores around the country.