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I wish to express my deep gratitude to three kind list members who generously provided me with pictures of France for this Chapter.
Monica, Constance and Lloyd, I thank each one of you for the beautiful pictures. This chapter could not have been created without your valuable contribution.
Back to Marseille
The girls arrived back in Marseille with extra suitcases - packed with all the 'goodies' they had purchased on their shopping sprees in Paris.

It was suggested that they go to see the beautiful Chateau Seneguier. When they arrived, SA Guinny became alarmed when he saw the security gates open. He suspected some illegal entry and went to investigate.

However, to his  surprise, as soon as he passed through on his way to check for uninvited guests, the gate suddenly slammed shut behind him. He was trapped inside!

Everyone tried to open them, but to no avail. Finally, Murphy V took command of the situation and Guinny was 'released' from his unexpected imprisonment!  No one waited around to find out what had caused this to happen or why. It seemed a good idea to make a hasty exit!
In another part of Marseille, more of our friends had been exploring the lovely city and had worked up quite an appetite.  It was time to find a nice Cafe and put their weary feet up!

Brandy G was scavanging in a rubbish bin (She MUST have been hungry!), and Cody and Morgan were looking for somewhere 'intimate' - Hmmm!

Scooch was, as usual, being inquisitive and asking questions. Rudy seemed to be rebelling against his 'firm leash' and  came out with a response that had those who overheard either laughing, or shocked!
Others were seeking the sun and the sea and had set out for Cassis and St Tropez. These included the members of the Band and Passionate Pooches, and with them were Keeleigh, Keeva, Kelsie and Sweetie.

They came upon a little shop that sold the most incredible variety of home-cooked 'biscuits' - or, as Punky enlightened Keeva, 'That's cookies'!

Keeleigh and Sadie had been 'buying up'- in fine style, and the other girls soon joined them.  However, the boys sensed that they would be the ones who would end up carrying all the packages, and some decided to abscond - while they still had the time to do so!
Back in Marseille, Killian, Tuckerotti and Brady were with Lexi, Tess, Maggie and Shana. They met up with Kansas and Cassie and were thrilled to see an old fashioned "Merry-Go-Round".

Buddy had taken Maeve there, and soon they were all enjoying themselves, even though some did not actually purchase tickets to go on the ride. Kansas still got a woozy tummy at the tho
ught of anything that went up and down and around!

Cassie found some money, and Buddy, being a very honest lad, told her to hand it in. However, Kansas had other ideas about what SHE would do with it!

Tuckerotti noticed that they had a 'tail' on them, and not the kind attached to their rear ends!  It was Cooper following them and trying not to be obvious. He had recognized the famous Italian Operatic tenor and he sniffed a good story. He decided to wait until the time was right, and approach the famous man in a friendly manner. Perhaps he would offer to buy the gentleman a drink.

He already had two great stories to write concerning  his role in the bomb threat and how Lt Colonel Murphy V had saved them all, and then there was the magical mystery about Miss 'Emma the Elusive', (which he still had to solve!) and now he was looking at yet another promising possibility! He was making wonderful progress and these stories would pay well.  He decided he should go on a Cruise every year!
Murphy V was still curious about the Elusive Emma. He actually found the lady very attractive and besides that, he hated loose ends and puzzles with no solution. He set out to follow her, seeing that Cooper seemed to have given up on that venture.

Emma got off the bus with a purpose and walked briskly through several side streets. He took cover in a telephone box as she stopped outside an apartment and emerged about 15 minutes later in the company of a handsome male Wheaten Terrier.

Now, WHO was HE?

He strained to hear what they were saying but he was too far away, and he didn't want to risk being seen.


What Murphy was unable to hear was indeed STUNNING!  The dog that Emma was talking with addressed her as 'YOUR HIGHNESS'!

Now, THERE'S one for the books! 
Was Emma really a Princess?  If so,  then 'Princess' of WHERE?

This mystery was becoming even MORE mysterious and confusing!

Meanwhile, back in  Cassis and St Tropez, our friends were enjoying the sea breezes and the lovely views. Boomer found a telescope and discovered to his delight that he could see into windows!

Everyone was looking forward to going for a swim, and Finnegan G was boasting about his successes as a champion swimmer at his school.

Bailey and Katie T were together again, (things looking promising in that direction!) and Hurley was being his usual self, escorting Darcy and Katie S.
What a lovely beach they found! Calm seas, sand, and very few people about. They lazed in the sun and chatted happily. Some of the girls were wearing their new swimsuits which they had purchased in Paris.
Miss Reilly, Shana and Sweetie, accompanied by Tobey and Riley A, went shopping for food. They weren't sure exactly what kind of food it was, though! Tobey tasted some and thought it was OK, even though it looked a bit strange.
Sister Ella and Killian, in the company of Mackenzie Jane and Katie S (Killian's little sister), were looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, and suddenly, Clancy was there - offering them his assistance!  Now, this was extremely unusual because the boys usually hated shopping, but Clancy had a hidden agenda. He had his eye on the girls, Katie S and Mackenzie Jane.

Katie S didn't seem especially impressed, but Mackenzie Jane definitely was!

So the fun went on - at the beach, exploring the sights, sampling the food and shopping, and more shopping!

Many of the girls had purchased new gowns in Paris which they planned to wear to Shadow's Concert Recital, while others bought new frocks in Marseille. Everyone wanted to look especially elegant at their friend's performance.

The time was drawing near, and Shadow had spent the last two days in practice in his hotel room, where a grand piano was provided for his exclusive use.

Finally the big night arrived.