Mighty Caernarfon is possibly the most famous of Wales's castles. Its sheer scale and commanding presence easily set it apart from the rest, and to this day, still trumpet in no uncertain terms the intention of its builder Edward I.

Begun in 1283 as the definitive chapter in his conquest of Wales, Caernarfon was constructed not only as a military stronghold but also as a seat of government and royal palace.

The castle's majestic persona is no architectural accident: it was designed to echo the walls of Constantinople, the imperial power of Rome and the dream castle, 'the fairest that ever man saw', of Welsh myth and legend. After all these years Caernarfon's immense strength remains unchanged.

Standing at the mouth of the Seiont river, the fortress (with its unique polygonal towers, intimidating battlements and colour banded masonry) dominates the walled town also founded by Edward I. Caernarfon's symbolic status was emphasized when Edward made sure that his son, the first English Prince of Wales, was born here in 1284. In 1969, the castle gained worldwide fame as the setting for the Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales.

History comes alive at Caernarfon in so many ways - along the lofty wall walks, beneath the twin-towered gatehouse and within imaginative exhibitions located within the towers. The castle also houses the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Wales's oldest regiment.

Caernarfon's position of pre-eminence in historic rankings is recognized in its status as a World Heritage inscribed site.



The plan was to travel first to CAERNARFON, to see the famous Castle, then to head into the highlands to  glorious SNOWDONIA.

On the way to Caernarfon they passed some beautiful scenery, which Hurley recorded on his camera and his video Cam.

In their travel brochure they read about Caernarfon and, in particular, the famous Castle which they would soon be visiting.

As they drove along they listened to a Welsh Male Voice Choir singing the lovely song MYFANWY. (pronounced 'Mih VAN wee'.)

The meaning of the name Myfanwy is 'My little lovely one'.

The children knew it was being played to, and for them.
They couldn't wait to get off the coach and explore the Caernarfon Castle. They'd read all about it, and the Historians and Welsh Chorale had put them in the picture regarding its hundreds of years of history.

Now it was time to go and look for themselves!
The views from the battlements were impressive. The three ballerinas, among others, were rapt with what they saw.
The four Cheeky Lads were exploring mysterious passageways in the ancient Castle, and discovering more mysteries as they went along.  Goodness only knows, though, what Nico was on the scent of!
Exploring castles was thirsty, and hungry business. Lexi found a nice restaurant, while Kelsie D was more interested in shopping.

Boogie, however, was onto a different kind of scent!
The coach sped along towards Snowdonia, stopping for a 'cuppa' at a little village along the way. 

Barnaby Butler was keen to hire one of the bikes advertised there, and this really started something!
Hurley wanted to take pictures of the stone which marked the entrance into the Snowdonia National Park, so the coach stopped and everyone got out to stretch their legs.
Our more athletic friends set out on a mountain trek. Molly, who had accepted Dasher's invitation, was uncertain of the safety.  Havisham and Bailey Y were having second thoughts too, even though Havisham's crystal ball foretold no bad omens.  And apparently Murphy was expecting rain?
For the more adventurous, the climb proved rewarding. They found some lichen on a rock surface which reminded them of ...... now, who exactly did they have in mind?
In another part of the National Park, the not so athletic of the group were admiring the scenery by a stream, when Willie had an accident. The rich hairdresser was foolishly carrying his valuables with him, and when exploring the water's edge, he dropped his precious jewels!  (JEWELS? Hmmm!) 

Mind you, what he was doing with his jewels at the time, to have dropped them in the stream, remains a mystery. Perhaps he was showing them to MacKenzie Jane?

Anyway, Jimmy saw the opportunity to obtain a reward, and Scooch thought it a good idea, too, to go diving for them.

Hurley was there with his camera, ready to catch the action AND, he was speaking 'Strine' again! (Aussie slang.)

Something odd is definitely going on because Katie T ALSO  found herself coming out with Aussie words! 

This disease seems to be highly contageous!
Jimmy successfully located the lost jewels, and his reward was a free hair cut and style!!!!!

After an eventful and energetic day, they were all happy to curl up in their soft feather beds that night, that is, all except 6 
girls who decided to raid the room which was shared by Charlie, Bailey Y and Teddy.

In burst, Morgan, Shana, Emma M, Hannah, Lexi and Emma Y.  They were laden down with boxes of Fish and Chips and various alcoholic beverages!  

Emma M announced that it was a MIDNIGHT SUPPER!

(The boys wondered if any of the other boys were receiving a similar surprise from other girls!)

So much for early nights! But they were young, and a 'before-bed snack' didn't cause too many tummy problems. (or snoring!) The following morning they were as bright as buttons, and raring to get started on their way to Portmeirion, on the coast of Wales.