By A P
2010 TOUR
Our little friends had exactly a week to get to Wellington for their Concert performance there. On the way, there were some wonderful sights for them to see and enjoy.

Cooper took off first, with a packed car which included his new passengers Grainne and Argyle, as well as the 'Three Most Likely Lads'. (How he squeezed them all in remains a mystery!)

Their first destination was the beautiful Hawkes Bay.

They decided to park the coach (and the Porsche) and walk down to the beach, as there were wonderful views to behold along the way.

Bugsey was trying to line up a girlfriend for himself. His attempt to make a date with Bridey had failed, so now he was trying his luck with Jackie!
Of course, the three Most Likely Lads had to live up to their reputation and go off on some wild goose chase looking for caves in the cliff, which they didn't find, but almost sprained an ankle in the process!
They went down into a calm water area which Finnegan thought would be safer. Out came the boogie boards and floats.  Poor Benny seemed to be having difficulties getting his 'green monster' into the water!  Maggie was in her element, and looked quite an expert on her boogie board.

Argyle appointed himself as the Lifeguard, while Vijay was digging for buried treasure. Bridey and Chloe were feeling the chill after their swim (but Bridey was cosy in her beach towel) and Auggie had high hopes.

Bella, Grainne and Diarmuid were enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

This was DEFINITELY the life!
Phantom had been fishing, and Maisy was having a snooze.  Nothing like fresh sea air to make one sleepy.

DoozieMae was a quick thinker, and she had brought along a mat to keep the sand out of her coat.

But Bugsey was the one with the surprises. He had gone off on his own, and returned in a most unexpected manner - WIND SURFING!

Finnegan, the Tour Coordinator, glanced sleepily at his watch. It was time to 'round up the troops', he thought to himself. As restful as it was here, they had to drive on to the hotel where they would spend the night. He wanted to be on time for dinner!

Back on the coach, many had 40 winks on the way to their hotel. No snoozes for Cooper though! Well, he DID prefer to drive his own car! This time his passengers were three girls. The lucky lasses were Katie, Keeva and Kelsey.

He'd not counted on their luggage, though, and when they arrived at the hotel he asked Guinny to help him.

Teddy and Riggie were looking forward to their turn in the Porsche, and no doubt they helped with the luggage too.

The next morning, they were back on the road. Cooper had  a car full of excited girls, including Jackie, Chloe, Sunny and DoozieMae.

They stopped at the Park Estate Winery before leaving the Hawkes Bay area. It was such a pretty place and some of our friends indulged in too much of the 'wine tasting'.  Jackie, the nurse with the Band, assured a concerned Woody that she would 'fix something' for the hangovers they would undoubtedly have!
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Finnegan woke them as the coach approached the Wellington Harbour. And there it was!  What a magnificent sight! 

The sky was overcast, but that didn't worry anyone.  They jumped out onto the siding to take pictures and gaze at the view.

Jackie's hangover remedy had worked well, and of course, the sleep was helpful too. No headaches, but Kysha and Hope swore they'd never touch red wine again. Spencer decided to stick to beer!
As they approached the inner city, several of them preferred to walk.  Travelling on four legs was still the most popular way for a dog to explore a big city! However, the coach (and Cooper in his Porsche) followed close behind.
The Museum was a popular attraction for many, and Phantom became very excited when he saw the large poster, advertising 'The Colossal Squid'.  However, Sunny, Grainne and Bella thought that a very distasteful idea!

Bugsey had ideas of his own!
The Parliament buildings were impressive, and several of the girls were attracted to the rose gardens.

Henry was concerned about them being arrested for trespassing on the rose beds, and  Spencer did something very romantic for Maisy.  But one little girl reflected, sadly, that none of the boys had made such a sweet gesture to her.  Who knows, though, what secret admirer she might have who just hasn't plucked up the courage yet!
A visit to the Botanical Gardens was a thrill for all. Some were even inspired to express their pleasure in song!

Cooper saw some plants that reminded him of home, and others were wishing they hadn't left their cameras in the coach!
Hmmm ...
After exploring the Gardens, they made their way back to the coach (and the Porsche!)  Finnegan, the Tour Leader, did a head count and noted that one lad was missing - TIGGER was not there!

Everyone was asked when and where they saw him last, but no one had really been paying that much attention. There were too many other things to look at!

Jackie, the nurse with the Band, became alarmed.  Tigger was only young, and she became fearful that he'd met with some kind of accident.

After waiting another ten minutes for him, Clancy, the Director (affectionately called 'Boss' by the Band members) decided to go back over their tracks and try to find him. Perhaps he'd got himself lost! Finnegan and Jackie accompanied him.

Keeping to the path, they were just beginning to worry that perhaps the handsome and talented drummer had been 'dog-napped' - when they came around a bend and spotted him hiding behind some tall shrubs!

They were immediately relieved, yet afraid that he had injured himself and was unable to move - he sat so very still!

The explanation followed!
Everyone was relieved to see their little friend safely back in the coach, and there were lots of questions and answers as they sped to their hotel.

It was a splendid hotel, and after they were settled in, the girls couldn't wait to go shopping.  They broke off into little groups and set out to launch a 'Wheaten Attack' on the Shopping Malls of Wellington!

There was going to be a problem though.  How would these girls manage to carry all their purchases?  It soon became very obvious that none of the boys were anywhere to be found, and those who were, certainly disappeared fast when that fearful word 'SHOPPING' was mentioned! 

"Such cowards!"  Katie snorted in disgust as she and DoozieMae trotted off with Maisy, Sunny and Kysha.

After buying out one gift shop, they decided it was simpler to pay a little extra and have their parcels delivered to their hotel.  The boys could go jump....!
In another part of the busy Mall, Maddie had found the shop of her dreams!  A FAIRY SHOP!

It was filled with the most magical items and she, with a few others with similar interests, browsed around looking at the wonderful things there. They were like puppies again in a toy shop.

Before they could select anything, there was an incident which had them all gaping in amazement!  A man had grabbed some expensive items and run from the store without paying!  The young lady who was assisting them gave a cry and the girls just couldn't bear to see this sweet girl looking so afraid. The man had carried a gun!

They glanced from one to the other, then took off in hot pursuit of the thief.

The startled thief did not know which way to turn. There seemed to be dogs to the right of him, and dogs to the left of him, and they were charging at him at top speed!

Before he could go further they were upon him. They threw him to the pavement and pinned him down with their combined weight, while enforcing their authority with sharp, penetrating claws and teeth!  (Oh, this was not a happy situation for a thief to be in!)

"OK!"  he screamed.  "OK ! Here, take the lot!Just let me go - PLEASE?!"

The girls released him, and gathered up the precious things he has stolen.  The man fled with not so much as a backward glance, and Maddie and the others returned to the Fairy Shop with smiles on their faces.

The assistant dried her eyes and gazed at them with deep gratitude.

"Oh, you sweet, WONDERUL dogs,"  she gasped, then added with a sweeping gesture, "Please, select whatever you want!  I am so grateful to you.  These items  were very expensive, and you have made it possible for me to have them back in good condition, so please, allow me to thank you?" 

There were hugs for the girls, and they gave the young lady two tickets to their performance that night.

Then it was time to do some serious shopping!   They selected Fairy Gowns and wands and trinkets, but insisted on paying for all but one item each.  They did not want to take advantage of this young lady's generosity.

Grainne and Bella, in the company of Dylan and Brody, were with a larger group. They were exploring places of historical interest, and also looking at the many classy restaurants. Grainne was also interested in the Theatres, and especially the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company.  She would have loved to see them perform, but sadly there wouldn't be time.  They had their own performance to prepare for.

As they were crossing a busy road, tempation came right into their vision in the form of a large vehicle bearing the bold title - HOKEY POKEY ICE CREAM!

The timing couldn't have been better (or worse?) because Grainne and Bella were feeling hot and hungry!

They looked at each other and their eyes took on a wicked sparkle! Others had the same idea and tried to buy Ice Creams from the parked vehicle.  However, it was a delivery truck and did not sell to individuals.  Bugsey and Chester were disappointed, but Bella and Grainne weren't to be done out of their treats.  Quickly, they detached themselves from the group and sprinted after the departing truck. 

Poor Dylan managed to stay with them, but Brody could not sustain the pace they set. He gave up and shook his head.  He'd never understand women!  They were totally unpredictable!  Fancy taking off after an Ice Cream van!! 

He tossed his fall from his eyes and consoled himself that Bella had accepted his invitation to dinner that night. That is, if she still had an appetite!

The truck stopped outside a little shop, and after the driver had returned, the girls entered.  A frowning Dylan was close at their heels.  

He kept on reminding them that they had promised to stick to their diets, but Bella and Grainne weren't listening. All they could think of was - HOKEY POKEY ICE CREAM! 

The girls looked around.  There were sweets and treats of all kinds imaginable. Oh, it was a girl's dream!

Ignoring Dylan's protests and reminders, they ordered two DOUBLES!  The Pavlova also had caught Grainne's eye, so they bought that too!

Dylan threw up his paws in surrender.  It was no use trying to change a girl's mind once it was firmly made up!

Bella DID keep her date with Brody for dinner that evening, but she didn't eat much!  He thought to himself that those 'Hokey Pokey' Ice Creams must really have been good!

They all had time for a short rest before their performance that night. It had been such an exciting few days, but now it was 'back to work'!

Maddie had written a song about their exciting day of shopping. Here it is, sung to the tune, DANNY BOY.
                              by Miss Maddie

Oh wheatens all the mall the mall was calling
From shop to shop we spent our every dime.
We tried on clothes, had lunch and we were stalling - 
Oh wheatens all, we had a real good time.

We saw a man who ran off without paying -
He scampered off, a gun was in his hand -
We stood aghast, and then we started praying -
He ran away but couldn't escape our BAND!!!!!

The wheatens all were hot upon his trail,
And our noses caught his every scent -
We caught the crook, and how we wagged our tails!
He couldn't hide, our noses told us where he went!

It seems adventures follow us where'er we go - 
No matter what we do or what we say -
It seems we all were born to be brave heroes,
And wheatens all, we'll always save the day!!!

Oh we'll be back when we can catch a great sale,
And when our pockets are filled with green again - 
Our time at Wellington mall was quite a long tale,
On da bus we'll tell it through to the end
All rights reserved to A P, 2010