By A P
2010 TOUR
      They were happily on their way across country from Queenstown to the East Coast - and DUNEDIN.

Along the way, everyone heard Guinny's cell phone alert, and they craned their necks to try to hear what was being said.  Guinny, however, was speaking softly and only Clancy and Finnegan, who were seated directly in front, overheard what the conversation was about.  But THEY were playing 'hush hush' too!

All eyes and ears were glued to the 'famous four' - hoping to pick up some clue as to what the call was about.

Clancy, Finnegan, Guinny and Woody had their heads together - but they were whispering, and the only words anyone could pick up were 'ALEXANDRA' (was that a girl they were to meet?) and 'This afternoon at 2pm'- (was that the time of a rendezvous?)

Busting with curiosity, they all settled back to see what would happen next.

They had PART of their answer when the coach stopped for lunch at a beautiful little town called ALEXANDRA!  That was ONE part of the mystery solved!

They all got out, and noted that Guinny and Woody made a hasty exit, and headed away from where they were parked. They hadn't even stopped for LUNCH!  So wherever they were headed, it must be important.

After lunch, when they were exploring the area near the bridge, and when Henry overheard Clancy telling Benny that the two sleuths had gone 'on a mission' the word soon got around!

Bella, who always seemed to have in-tracks on what other people were doing, actually told Grainne that it was a 'BIG RAID"!

Now, is that girl psychic, or does she just have big ears?!
GUINNY AND WOODY  got on a bus, and headed out of the town. At a pre-arranged place, they were met by COLLEEN, who told them to get into her car and arm themselves with guns and bullet proof vests.

They did this, and listened as she gave them further instructions.

Caelan, who had been posing as one of the Gang, had notified her that the whole gang were gathering at an old farmhouse, and that this was their secret meeting place, and also the main storage building for the goods they had stolen and were keeping 'on ice' until the heat was off and they could safely fence the stuff.

Caelan had been able to tell them where this building was, and when the whole gang would be meeting there with the boss of the outfit.

If they moved carefully, they could apprehend the whole lot in one go!

Even as they spoke the place was being surrounded by the Federal Police, and Guinny and Woody were being allowed to take an active part in the raid.

They drew up in a wooded area and went the rest of the way on foot. Guinny and Woody checked their weapons. (It was like the old days, and they could feel their adrenaline pumping!)

They moved forward to where Colleen directed, and were joined by Liam, who greeted them silently, and they all waited for the signal  ............

After a few minutes, which seemed like hours, it came, and they moved forward swiftly, climbing stairs, swinging into windows, smashing into the building with guns ablaze, and taking the gang completely by surprise. A battle followed which the gang had little chance of winning, or escaping!

No one was seriously injured, and our two brave sleuths, Woody and Guinny, were unharmed. 

In no time the criminals were handcuffed and taken away in paddy wagons. They had performed their last robbery and would be going away for several years!

Caelan came up to Guinny, Woody, Liam and Colleen and breathed a sigh of relief. It was over, and it had been a success, but, now they had to search the building for the stolen equipment.

After breaking down a few more doors, Caelan showed them to a secret room where she believed the goods were stored. Guinny, Liam and Woody put their shoulders to the door, and soon they were bursting inside.

Ah!  Here is all was, - their instruments, the girl's gowns and souvenirs, jewellery, paintings, but, sadly   ---- NO PORSCHE!

They searched every inch of the building, but Cooper's treasured sports car was nowhere to be seen.

Guinny halted to wipe his brow and take a deep breath.  His voice came in short, breathless bursts.

"Where in blazes have they hidden it!"

Caelan knew that it had not been sold or 'unloaded' anywhere. It was somewhere, but WHERE!

Obviously the boss of the gang wasn't about to tell them, but there were ways of finding out. Some of the members would 'talk' when they knew it might go well for them at trial if they co-operated.

Yes. Colleen agreed, and they all hopped into her car and set off for the local lock-up, where the gang were being held, officially charged, and interrogated.

They would get to the bottom of this!
Off to the city lock-up they sped. Colleen had been a careful driver, but now Caelan was behind the wheel, and all the boys held their breath as she screeched around corners on two wheels!  Woody made a barely audible comment under his breath,  -  "Women drivers!!!"  - but Guinny and Liam heard it, and laughed!

They were admitted to the observation room and watched as one man was being questioned. The Officer interrogating him was a veteran and he was using an old trick. He had this man feeling very uncertain of his future, because other members of the Gang had pointed the finger at him as being a ring leader, and it wasn't true. He was just the driver.

He spilled EVERYTHING - including the location where the Porsche was hidden.

Liam gave Woody and Guinny high fives and off they sped again (this time with Liam driving!) in the general direction of the farm house.

Screeching to a halt, they alighted and broke into a shed which looked as though it had been used for storing other motor vehicles. It smelled of grease, oil, and petrol.

There, covered with a tarpaulin, was Cooper's Porsche!

Guinny pulled the cover off and inspected the car carefully. What luck!  It did not appear to be harmed. There was even petrol left in the tank!

"Now THAT'S the sort of outcome I like,"  exclaimed Liam with a grin.

"Cooper will be over the moon!" said Guinny, and Woody agreed.

"This Cooper must be quite a bloke - " Caelan observed with interest.

"You can forget about him, Caelan," replied Guinny with a chuckle. "He's only got eyes for TWO women in his life, a girl named MAGGIE and THAT power machine!".

They all laughed.

The next step was to move the Porsche to a safer place, and then inform young Cooper.

This promised to be quite some reunion, and they all wanted to witness it.

Guinny drove the car to a selected spot and left Liam and the two girls to guard it while he and Woody went to get Cooper.

The WWB was about to board the coach, and Clancy and Finnegan were getting very worried as there was still no word from Guinny and Woody. Clancy hoped that nothing had happened to them on that 'mission' they were taking part in.

Just then, his cell phone rang and he heard Woody's voice giving the glad news.  Clancy nodded as he listened to the instructions.

"Right-oh!" he replied, then turned off the phone and beckoned to Cooper.

Cooper sensed that there was news, but was it good or bad?!

He listened quietly, his excitement rising with every word Clancy uttered.  Then, with unbridled delight he jumped up and down, shouting with sheer exhilaration,  "IT'S FOUND!  MY PORSCHE!!!"

Happy days indeed were  here again!

They tumbled into the coach and were soon approaching a cleared area, and there, with the five brave heroes of the day standing beside it, was the Porsche Speedster, looking as sleek and beautiful as the day he bought it.

Cooper dashed to it like it was a long lost friend, and soon he had Maggie sitting in the passenger seat - and he had an interesting question for her too!

Dylan, the WWB Publicity Officer, was going to write a story to go to press, and he asked Henry if he could use some of the pictures he'd taken. (Henry was never without his camera.)
Finbar related how Guinny, Woody and the others had found the Band Instruments stacked neatly in several boxes in a store room at the old farm house. All the stolen goods were with them, including boxes of gowns, jewellery, trinkets and souvenirs that had been stolen from the girls.


Now the boxes were in the safe keeping of Finbar, and he opened up the boot of the coach to reveal the recovered items.

The girls rushed over to reclaim their treasures.

Finbar had already checked out the brass instruments to be sure none were damaged, and was pleased to find them all in good condition.  They would have to be, if the gang intended to get good money for them. 


Cooper invited Clancy to ride with him, along with his special girl, Maggie, and also Katie, whose hopeful expression he couldn't disappoint! Off they went, waving to the coach behind them, and Maggie was trying to keep Cooper to the road rules. However, it was Clancy, 'the Boss', who eventually got the boy to slow down.

There was still a way to go before they reached Dunedin, and the hotel where they would be staying. They stopped at a fun park along the way, and rode on the Merry-Go-Round. Then they amused themselves in a childrens' playground.
They left the playground feeling elated. It HAD been fun! 

Soon, they were nearing Dunedin, and everyone looked forward to being able to explore the outskirts of the city on foot.  Cooper had stopped in a side street to take on a change of passengers!  This time it was  Argyle, Hope and Maddie's turn to ride in the Power Machine! They sped off, until Cooper got held up behind a slower vehicle. He was anxious to pass, but ......
Their first sight of South Dunedin was impressive. But it was getting late and they headed for their hotel. There would be time to explore the next day, before their final performance in New Zealand.