By A P
All rights reserved to A P,  2010 /11
2010 TOUR
Queenstown is a resort town in Otago in the south-west of New Zealand's South Island. It is built around an inlet called Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu, a long thin Z-shaped lake formed by glacial processes, and has spectacular views of nearby mountains.
The Queenstown-Lakes District has a land area of 8,704.97 km (3,361.01 sq mi) not counting its inland lakes (Lake HaweaLake Wakatipu, and Lake Wanaka). It has an estimated resident population of 27,800 (June 2010 estimate).
A resort town, Queenstown is a centre for adventure tourismSkiingjet boating, whitewater rafting, bungy jumpingmountain bikingskateboardingtramping and fly fishing are all strong promotional themes. Queenstown is a major centre for snow sports in New Zealand, with people from all over the country and many parts of the world travelling to ski at the four main mountain skifields (Cardrona Alpine ResortCoronet PeakThe Remarkables and Treble Cone). 

The journey to Queenstown was comfortable and the scenery quite remarkable, especially THE REMARKABLES, which set a magnificent backdrop to Lake Wakatipu.

Once again the coach stopped to let them stretch their legs. From this high position they had a good view of the beautiful lake. 

Feet were tapping as they listened to the recordings from some of their performances. The coach was broadcasting Give Me The Simple Life  through the amplifiers as they drove along. Maddie smiled with satisfaction as she listened to her solo part.
Next stop was by the lake. Oh, how lovely and peaceful it was, and some even went for a swim - even though the water was ice cold!

Still quite a bit of romancing going on too!
They left the lake-side and drove into the main township for lunch.

Just as they were ordering their food and drinks, Guinny excused himself from where he was sitting with Katie, and answered his cell phone.  He then went in search of Woody, and all eyes were following him with curiosity.  It must have been important. Was it about the robbery? Had the Porsche been found?  Had the crooks been apprehended?

It became obvious that neither Guinny nor Woody were about to give anything away. HOW FRUSTRATING!

On another note, there was one very disappointed little girl, and if I'm not mistaken, Mr Diarmuid is in for trouble when they DO find him!

However, the disappointed little lady was given lots of TLC and had soon found cheery company to make her forget about Diarmuid - for now, anyway!

Diarmuid had indeed shot through with the three Most Likely Lads. They had told him about the water sports advertised in the hotel, and they took off to find out about it. Diarmuid completely forgot that he had made a date with Chloe! 

The four of them found a model jet boat and climbed in among the dummies. (Who are the Dummies??) They got such a buzz from the mere thought, that they decided to find where this place was, and have a REAL thrill!
Meanwhile, in another part of Queenstown, our two Sleuths were on their way to meet up with the FBI.

Guinny had received a call, advising him that there was news, and they were to make contact with the two girls they had met at Agent Liam's house.  

The girls had been on an undercover assignment to infiltrate the gang which was suspected of the robberies.

Guinny and Woody couldn't wait!

When there was no sign of the girls after a period of nearly 50 minutes, Woody became worried. What if their cover had been blown, and something terrible had happened to them?  The thought was too horrid to entertain.

After another five minutes their minds were set at ease as Agents Colleen and Caelan appeared from the opposite direction.

They apologized for being late, but went on to explain how they had to lose a few suspicious characters who were  following them.  All was clear now, but they boarded a nearby boat to talk in privacy.
As Colleen and Caelan unlocked the door to the cabin area, Guinny and Woody gave a gasp of admiration at what they saw.  This was a luxury vessel, and when Woody got his breath back he asked, in a voice husky with awe, "WOW! Who owns THIS palace?

Colleen grinned, and replied casually, "Oh, It belongs to the chief!"

"The CHIEF?"
  was Woody's interested response.

Guinny nodded knowingly. "That's the boss of the Operation," he explained.

Woody thought how he was learning a great deal about the FBI!

They made themselves comfortable on the big King sized bed, and discussed what Colleen and Caelan had been busy with.

So, the plan was set, and arrangements were made for Woody and Guinny to take part in the sting. This would probably take place between Queenstown and Dunedin in the next couple of days. They would receive a call, and instructions would be given then.

Guinny and Woody left their two new friends with feelings of great excitement and anticipation. It was like being back in the job - catching crooks!

Our other friends had finished lunch and were out for adventure.  This was when they saw the three Most Likely Lads, Bugsey, AND - - - DIARMUID! 

They were white water rafting!
Alley, Kelsey, Vijay and Sunny had gone off on their own to explore, and they were also interested in the Water Sports!

They joined a whole lot of people at the water's edge and rather liked the idea of joining them ON the water as well!
There certainly were exciting things to do in Queenstown, but you'll never guess who decided to try BUNGY JUMPING!!!!

                                 (My apologies for breaking safety rules here, but I wanted to put TWO jumpers in this picture!)
And so a beautiful, exciting day drew to a close.  Everyone was tired, and ready for a quiet dinner at their hotel before retiring.

One little boy felt terribly sad, and aching with guilt over his neglect to remember his pre-arranged date with one very sad little girl.  Diarmuid may be a reckless young fella, but he had a heart as big as Texas, and he wasted no time in making it up to Chloe.

He invited her to have dinner with him in his room, and ordered the best on the menu - that being, whatever she wanted! He wined and dined her, and they poured out their hearts to each other.

Big, sad brown eyes now shone like the Evening Star, and Chloe thought that it was almost worth having a bitter experience, when 'Making Up' was so sweet and beautiful.

Diarmuid grew up a lot that evening.  He learned how very easy it was to hurt a gentle soul, and how terrible it made him feel when he realized how much his thoughtlessness had injured this sweet girl whom he really liked so much.

He made a resolution never to hurt her again.  He realized, by almost losing her, how precious she had become to him.

So the moon came up, and two little people sat watching it and counting the stars - and counting their blessings too!
                             (turn up volume)
Before making their departure for Dunedin, they had time to visit Lake Wakatipu once more.

Some went swimming, but most just lazed on the shore, soaking up the sun and wishing they could stay longer. It seemed that all the 'couples' had got together here, and were making the most of the romantic atmosphere.

Sadly they were soon being  rounded up by Finnegan, and boarding the coach once more.

On the coach, several had changed seats so they could sit with their boy/girl friends for the long journey to Dunedin.  The fun, and the trauma, had bonded them all together, and close friendships blossomed in the happy atmosphere of this beautiful island.

Meghan, the lovely lady who had saved their tour, was seeing more and more of Finbar.  Clancy, the 'boss' seemed inseperable from Khysha, and Cooper was never far from Maggie.

Maddie seemed to be making a deep impression on Finnegan and everyone loved those three 'special' couples, DooziMae and Phantom - Maisy and Spencer - and of course, Chloe and Diarmuid.

As they drove along listening to a recording of their Band (with Tobey at the piano and Auggie on solo trumpet) playing I HAVE DREAMED,they all entered into the romantic mood, and relaxed as they watched the beautiful scenery passing by.

Surely good things were to come, and Woody and Guinny would soon have all their treasures safely restored to them.

Yes. Dunedin would be where everything would work out, and they would have a happy ending to their tour of New Zealand.