My baby girl, you came to me as a puppy, and you were my fifth Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

You were the apple of my Liam's eye, and he was yours too!  Even as you neared the age of 15, you still remained 'my baby girl' and though I am still grieving for the loss of your presence, I have countless photos, and memories to comfort me, and remind me of those precious memories of the years we shared together.

It was a shock to lose three of my darling children in the space of just four years - first Colleen​​​​, then Liam, and then you - so tragically.
You were sick and dying at the Vet clinic while I was also fighting for my life in hospital.
​It tore my heart apart to know that at the time you MOST needed me,​ I could not be with you!

But miracles do happen, and I fought my lung disease; I got to my feet and walked, and breathed without oxygen; and amazed all the doctors when I was pronounced fit to go home at the beginning of the third week.


We were both​​​​​ so weak and ill, but at least we had almost 6 days together before you died. During those precious days, I picked up my strength and drove you twice to the beach. But sadly, I was too weak and my lungs too fragile to be able to take you for the little walks I know you had hoped to have. But at least, you had the journey, and saw all those pretty lights you so loved.

There are so many stories to tell about you, my precious child, but there isn't room here,​​ and your Audie is not able to sit and type for that long.
Instead, I'm going to post pictures​ of you - taken from when you were just a puppy, up until that last, sad day when we said goodbye.

As a special gift, and tribute to you, my darling, I am playing that special Art Song that won me the Title of Champion Soprano two years in a row in the City of Brisbane Eisteddfodau.​​ It is composed by Richard Hageman and is called "Do Not Go My Love".
I sing it now for you - and for those who read this tribute, because it speaks so tenderly of my longing to be with you, my Caelan, and to hold you close, so you'd not slip away from me as I slept.​

You are forever in my heart dear child, and one day, we shall play, and leap, and run, and be together again - young and free, with no more​​ pain, and there will be the SIX of us again!

Your Audie LOVES YOU!​​

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