I recorded this song many years ago. Liam used to listen to me practising it. He liked it, and seemed to find it comforting. So I am featuring it as his theme.

Liam was  a God-given gift to me, coming to me just weeks after my Lisa died so tragically.​​ I believe she chose him for me, and for dear 14 year old Carla, who immediately 'mothered' him..

He was cheeky as a puppy, but always had the gentlest nature. He loved to sniff flowers, and sit under trees. He loved everyone and everything. All the lizards and birds were welcome in his yard and, as far as I know, he never killed anything.​​

He took over the 'caring role' which Lisa had​​ carried out so well in the  brief seven years she was with me. When Caelan and Colleen came, (Colleen was his blood sister) he cared for them too. He elected himself 'Man of the House' and saw Carla, Colleen, Caelan, and myself, as his charges - to protect, and to love unconditionally. He never failed any of us.

At the tender age of 18 weeks, he drove an intruder from my house at the cost of his own safety.

​​I was safe. Carla​​ was safe. Our house and possessions were safe; but poor little Liam got kicked in the face and had to have surgery! He truly loved, and didn't count the cost!

So here are my memories in pictures of the dog I called​​ "MY LITTLE SON".
21 MAY 1999 - 27 DECEMBER 2013
With a family friend - giving Carla a kiss!
Playing with baby Caelan.
With Colleen and Caelan
He used to clean the bath for me!
With Caelan
With his sister Colleen.
Hunting a scrub Turkey!
All of us at the beach. Caelan, Colleen (in cap) Liam and myself)
At the beach again 
Liam enjoying his window seat!
Sadly,  Liam had two serious cases of poisoning. It was a miracle that he recovered from both, but they left him with health problems. His kidneys were failing and he had borderline Pancreatitis which flared badly from time to time.

But Liam​​ wouldn't give in, and did not have the word 'surrender' in his vocabulary! He fought on to the very last, even after having fractured his foot - which took three months to heal. He was never strong after that setback.

The time came when I had to do what was loving, and right.

​​By Christmas Day​​, I believe he finally accepted that it was time, and after one last visit to his favourite beach, he made his journey to be with Carla, Lisa. and Colleen.

My darling Liam, I know you are near, and always will be, but I shall miss you so.....

Run free ​​, little son, - sniff the flowers in your new heavenly garden - explore the forests, play in the streams and swim in the heavenly ocean of LOVE, and there is no such thing as Goodbye - for we are ONE - FOREVER!
Please click on the pause button on the song that is playing, and then click to play the video below.  This is meaningful to me because it is about never saying 'goodbye'. It used to remind me of Lisa, then Carla, then Colleen.  Now it reminds me of what Liam is asking of me.

                                     We Mustn't Say Goodbye!​​
The last pictures taken of Liam, at Christmas 2013
See you in the morning darling!
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